The beautiful game


World-renowned film director and supporter of Bath City Football Club Ken Loach talks to Circus about his vision for his beloved football club

Photograph by Paul Crowther

Photograph by Paul Crowther

Bath City Football Club is the city’s best kept secret. The team plays good football in a traditional setting with friendly supporters and a great family atmosphere. It is football as you would like it to be, passionate, skilful and alternately despairing and triumphant. But we’ve had a problem. Lower league clubs have suffered as the Premier League gets all the attention. Until recently a few local businessmen have owned most of the shares and kept the club going from their own pockets. But now all that is changing.

The Bath City Supporters’ Society has become the majority shareholder, and hundreds of fans and local people have contributed to the community takeover. Attendances are up, the team is playing stylish football and there’s a mood of energetic optimism around the place.

Football can do so much. A good club gives a sense of identity, colours to wear and heroes on the pitch. Everyone loves football – well most kids do anyway! Players and coaches go to schools and inspire youngsters to train, keep fit, and even write about their experiences. Youth teams and holiday coaching sessions reach out to the community. We aim to do a lot more.

Community ownership means we will be at the heart of local activities and do our best to serve local interests. And enjoy an exciting Saturday afternoon into the bargain. Come and join us, we don’t mind sharing the secret!