Lucy Saunders


Hot off the press: Circus speaks to the founder of Bath-based Flourish magazine Lucy Saunders

Words by David Higgs


Flourish is a newly launched magazine, designed, edited and published by 23-year old Bathonian Lucy Saunders. The magazine is a marriage of her three great passions: photography, travel and writing. “My dad worked abroad quite often when I was young,” she recalls. “He always brought home disposable film cameras with snaps of his journeys. I loved the excitement of getting them developed. Seeing the world through his photos made me want to pick up a camera and start documenting my own journeys.”

And so her journey begins. The concept for Flourish was conceived while studying Photography at Bath Spa University – she developed her final year project into a travel and lifestyle magazine, and it snowballed from there. The lightbulb moment for the title came when travel writer Derek Blyth pointed out that she “flourished” whenever she spoke about her travels. 


Getting the publication into print proved her hardest challenge. She set up a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which was a huge success – her supporters pledged over £3,500 to help bring the project to life. The support she’s received from Bath’s creative community has been invaluable, particularly from the Guild Coworking Hub, which is where she can often be found working. 

Has all that hard work paid off then? “The feedback has been amazing,” she tells us. “It has been so rewarding getting comments from people telling me how much they like my magazine.” The accolades don’t end there. Lucy recently won a Creative Bath Award in the Young Creative category. “Winning that award has been such a reassurance that people actually do want to read Flourish.” 

And read it they shall. The next issue is very much underway: “I want to get more people involved with creating this issue, so we’re collaborating with photographers, illustrators and writers,” she says. “The theme this time is the British Isles and it will focus on important issues that surround society, such as sustainability.” We’re very much looking forward to reading it – it’s available to pre-order in September and released in October.

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