Shades of the season


Styling: Clare Piper
Photography: Thomas Baker

Warm terracottas, glowy golden tones and a light smattering of lilac are perfect for adding a 1970s feel to your interiors scheme


A brighter work space

Terracotta vase by Nick Fraser, £38, Kobi & Teal. Pot by Louise Madzia, £25, Resident Store. Brass paper knife by Alice Bosc,
£16, Kobi & Teal. Cork/glass dish by Nick Fraser, £32,
Kobi & Teal. Wooden pencil holder, £22, Caro Somerset.


Zest for life

Ommo ‘Mulino’ spice grinder, £24, Found Bath. 
Bowl by Silvia K, £25, Seed. Milk jug by Hans Borgonjon, £22, Verve Living. Basket shopper, £20, Resident Store. 
Lemon squeezer, £8.50, Frome Hardware. Soap on a rope by Iris Hantverk, £8, Caro Somerset. Tray by Fog Linen, £20, Caro Somerset. Spinning top bowl by Nick Fraser, £58, Kobi & Teal.