Harry Miller


We predict a bright future for the rising young star making an impact on the Bath music scene


Stepping into a sold-out room to play in front of a partisan crowd – all fans of a much more established act – Harry Miller opens with his latest single Wood For The Trees. Before his sandalwood voice has reached the chorus he’s won the crowd over.

At 20-years old, Bath-born singer-songwriter Harry is currently on a fast track. He’s gigging; working with an indie record label and recording live sessions; studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music and writing – always writing. “I’m writing as much as humanly possible, doing demos as soon as I can and sending them off,” he tells us.

"I’m writing as much as humanly possible, doing demos as soon as I can and sending them off"

Harry cuts an impressive figure as he enters Society Café, a huge halo of hair and a guitar slung over his shoulder. The meeting was a direct result of his performance supporting John Bramwell (of I Am Kloot fame) at St James’s Wine Vaults. The Circus team saw him and wanted him in the launch issue before he’d finished that first song. 

His move to singer-songwriter was influenced by his mother packing him off to the Theatre Royal, Theatre Schools project. “Mum forced me to try everything out, I did a bit of rugby (which I hated) and music seemed to stick.” At the same time, Harry’s father is a regular on the local music scene. After a few false starts Harry tried it for himself, “I really got into writing but it wasn’t until I got to Bath College to do the music course that it just sparked.”

He’s found that writing has its advantages too, “I find it extremely therapeutic to just get thoughts down in a song and I find myself writing things that I can’t begin to say normally. I look back at the lyrics and I’m like, ‘That’s what I was feeling but I didn’t know how to say it’. Which is kind of bizarre.”

Next moves for The Harry Miller Band include an EP of live sessions being released online over the summer. “I guess the ultimate goal is to have enough money to live on while doing the thing that I love. I’d like to get an album out but first I think I’ll just do a couple of EPs,” he says, leaving for a practice session before a gig that night. 

Do yourself a favour and listen to this brilliant new talent. 

Listen here! 

ee him at Moles in Bath on 26 May